Thank You! w/ some comments

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Thank You! w/ some comments

Post by NickVon » Mon May 23, 2016 12:16 am

First off, what an excellent implementation of an Remote app for the ETC Eos Consoles.

Connection and was painless.
Though through my own silliness, knowing what to click on to actually connect to the console I just "added" was a little vague. Maybe a a box around the IP and Name that makes it's look like a button? that turns green in addition the "indicator" light once pressed. Or another word (like the Del, and Edit, (conn.)

Do you have any plans for simpler screen layout for iphone/ipod implementation. Where instead of one tab of playback a couple for quick and dirty submaster control that is a little more form fitting for the iphone size?

I'm not sure the Iphone remote would need the full console face panel or "4" encoder wheels.

Keep up the excellent work! I'm going to +1 this where ever I am :-)

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Re: Thank You! w/ some comments

Post by Mothership » Tue May 24, 2016 6:20 pm

Hi Nick,

Thanks for the feedback.

Originally I wanted the initial connection to happen to the new console the moment you hit Save. There were a couple reasons we didn't do that - 1 was there is no way to cancel an active connection process and it takes a little while to time out. I tried to get that fixed - but we were running out of money so we skipped it.

iPhone/iPod - Yes. That's the number 1 thing I'd like to get done. We will add an option in the settings menu to use "Phone Mode" or "Tablet Mode". In phone mode there are much fewer buttons - a couple pages for channel check kinda stuff and then a simpler fader page, a simpler Direct Select page, an encoder page with just 2 encoders - stuff like that. Users will be able to choose what mode they want - so if they have a mid sized device they can make the choice.

Again - it's all money related. We have about 170 users now. Looking to get to 1000 or so before we commit more funds. 1200 users is our break even on the first app.

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